The Leg Two Contingency Has Reported In…

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Some news from the Leg Two Contingency, Eric, Jim, Vince and Dick.

All participants arrived in Inuvik on time (some even four days early), ready for the Delta sojourn. This region, where the MacKenzie River drains into the Beaufort Sea, was, as promoted, just beautiful. Oh, wait, no. We didn’t fly to the Delta. We’re still here in Inuvik, but there are no planes. And now, we understand the GAAA is currently based in three localities. I need to read Mark’s original itinerary again; I must have missed something. I am examining the stitching on my gorgeous new coat to see how difficult it would be to alter to just GAA. Now I understand what “Wx day” means.

Yesterday, with a low cloud cover, it rained. Today: ditto. Tomorrow: ditto.

Regardless, yesterday, three of us — Jim, Vince and Dick — decided to drive south on the Dempster Highway (think mud, gravel, and pot-holes) in search of Caribou. After crossing the border into the Yukon Territory, which took four hours, we finally saw our first one on the side of a small hill — dead. Unfortunately, it was being dressed-out by the hunter who had just — as they say here — harvested it. A little farther down the road, and we do get some gratification. A herd of about eight magnificent animals. After many photos and much video, we u-turn and head North to Inuvik. One Caribou per hour is our average.

Today, Eric’s friend Alex flies back to California (sunny, warm, civilized … I’m starting to sniffle). Let’s just say that the IKC (Inuvik Kabloona Classometer) has plummeted.

Now, there are no more new restaurants for us to try in Inuvik. Last night, after several libations, we sighted for the first time,Polar Bear, Musk Ox, and Beaver. These, it must be said, were stuffed and mounted against the walls in our native dining area. The feast was enjoyed by all at The Roost Restaurant (Lebanese, Chinese, and Pizza cuisine, and a wide selection of two beers). We opted for the Chinese because of the extra-MSG promotions.

Truly a highlight so far has been the walking-of-the-dogs-tour(Alaskan Huskies) with the proprietor, Judi, here at The Arctic Chalet. (An aside: I was originally booked to stay at The Eskimo Inn, but was told by Jim that it can get rowdy there and to stay here with the rest of the group … where there is a Husky kennel with about forty energetic canines. Go figure.)

It’s siesta time. (Oh, that’s painful to type.)

In keeping with Doug’s format for signoff:

The Dempster Highway (8 km north of where paving begins) and Carn Street, Inuvik, Northwest Territories, Canada

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