November GAAA Update

6:48 am Doug

Jim Clark, GAAA filmmaker, fellow adventurer, and hale fellow well met, spent the better part of October logging the video footage. For those of you not well versed in the relatively arcane jargon of filmmaking, logging includes capturing the footage from the various media, and organizing the material by subject matter. In the case of the GAAA, the video was shot from two HD cameras as well as an HD camera pan/tilt unit mounted on the front of the float. With over 60 hours of footage, logging is a daunting task in itself, but yeoman effort from Jim produced a well-organized catalogue of the footage.

On October 27, Mark, Doug, and Jim spent the day reviewing the footage. It was a good time, and brought back many memories that are rapidly fading as we resume our lives. Who could forget Eric dancing a jig sans pants, crawling out on a bucking wing in high winds to refuel, or, ahem, herding musk ox from the air. Anyway, at the end of the day, we felt that the footage could support an interesting and entertaining film about the adventure, and spent some time developing possible “threads.” (story lines) Full disclosure here, the recent economic downturn has not left the GAAA leaders unscathed, so we will be looking for some outside funds to complete the film. Next step is to develop a trailer and go on the road to potential sponsors.

Meanwhile, Mark and Doug are putting together a live travelogue of the adventure for presentation to interested local aviation groups.

Thanks for checking in, and we look forward to our December communiqué.

Doug & Mark

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