October 1, 2008 – Update from Kenmore, WA

11:29 am Mark

We are gradually assimilating back into normal life here in Kenmore. Doug has returned to work on an innovative new piece of medical equipment. Mark is busy keeping his real estate projects on track during a challenging economic period. The rigors of the GAAA have perhaps prepared him well. Emmy is letting him keep his beard for now.

Our thoughts frequently wander back to our time in the Arctic. Is it possible that we miss the raw air, the piercing winds, the cold hands and the wet feet? Could we possibly pine for the low scud, white capped lakes and turbulence? Certainly, we miss the spectacular, the unimaginable, and our mates.

This month we are getting together with film maker Jim Clark to review the footage shot on the trip. Jim has been going through the tapes and seems to feel we have some excellent footage with which to work.

We have also discussed returning to the pole. It remains a lofty goal. But our time together on the GAAA trail has taught us that thorough planning, a solid team of caring workers, and persistent effort in the face of difficult circumstances, win the day in any endeavor.

We will keep you all informed. Look for our next blog on November 1st.

Warmest regards,

Doug and Mark

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