Episode 41 & 42: Over Ontario

4:08 pm Doug

Lift off from Anjigami Lake was followed by a pleasant ride in light chop past Wawa and Marathon , Ontario along the north shore of the expansive Lake Superior under gray skies and deteriorating weather. By the time we made Back Bay, we were on the deck in the scud making 180 degree turns. We touched down in a small bay on the lee side of Granite Point (N48d.42.2m, W88d.32m) for lunch.

We passed the time fishing in the hard Great Lakes rain, playing 20 questions, and calling flight service on the phone. After several hours, armed with a good report from Thunder Bay , we finally lifted off and followed the highway into town. We settled the floats down inside the breakwater (needed to protect the harbour from the huge swells that rise up out of Lake Superior during the stormy season) an hour before dark.

Thunder Bay is obviously a busy seaplane base with a couple of dozen airplanes based there. It also sports two very nice docks, a ramp and modern hanger. As it was late in the day, things were pretty well buttoned up, so we tied down the Beavers for the night.

This morning we started our search for fuel in the right spot, the office of Alan Cheeseman, President and Owner of Wilderness North, the premier fly-in fishing and eco-adventure operator in Canada . Wilderness North offers first class wilderness fly-in camps, serviced by their own fleet of single turbine Otters and of course, a Beaver. Alan also provides special opportunities for disabled war vets through a program called Project Healing Waters. Volunteers from the US fly disabled vets from the Iraq war up to Thunder Bay , and Wilderness North flies them in and teaches them how to fly fish. (Google “Project Healing Waters”.)

Alan also sponsored a post 9/11 good will flight in a single turbine Otter across the US , symbolically delivering firemen’s helmets from FD’s in Canada to FD’s in the US . He was invited to climb down the ladder at Ground Zero and place the Canadian flag there on behalf of his country. Alan is another warm hearted Canadian whose path has crossed ours along the route of this great adventure. If you would like to join Alan in his good works, or join him for an adventure of your own, we encourage you to contact him at fishing@wildernessnorth.com or visit www.wildernessnorth.com. Thanks also to Evan for his help on the dock. Good luck on your moose hunt.

As the fog burned off, we climbed out of Thunder Bay for a magical flight over the Lake of the Woods region of Western Ontario . We flew over literally thousands of lakes and colorful fall foliage before making an early camp on a deep blue lake. A walleye fishing tournament broke out with no fewer than a dozen of the pesky critters caught and released. Doug Nelson also landed a trophy pike that weighed no less than 15 pounds.

Who wants to play GAAA Jeopardy? Email the questions for the following answers to our webmaster David Good in the next 48 hours and win a GAAA hat for the most correct questions. (In the event of a tie, prizes are limited to the first 10 winning participants.) The correct questions will be included in the blog for Episode 43. Hint: Many answers may be found in previous blogs.

1. 27 stops as of September 12.

2. Corporal Cam Lockwood.

3. Michael Putterman

4. August of 1947, Russ Bannock.

5. 1692 (Beaver trivia.)

6. 2 float pumps

1 chart

1 lense cover

1 pair of waders

1 computer

1 cellphone

1 cute blonde

1 baggage cart

2 jerry can spouts

1 folding chair

7. 2 jerry can spouts.

8. 1 jerry can spout.

9. 8 drums of fuel cached.

10. Greenville , ME.

Have fun!

Tonight’s shout outs:

Congratulations Chris Wilsey on making the South Bethlehem HS varsity soccer team, and David Wilsey on making the JV as a freshman. Great work guys!

Pop is sending special hugs to Coopie, Cos, Patter Whack, Sasha and Lucas.

Keep up the good work to the LAPD.

Butch sends his love to Bunny.

Jeez Nels!

We just keep on truckin’! Tomorrow we start across the prairie.

GAAA from N49d58.46m, W94d.58.86m es 41

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